Amazon Spark – the social network shop!

Amazon launched on the 18th of July Amazon Spark – an Instagram -like feature to its iPhone app – aimed at improving product discovery and, of course at helping you “find more of what you like”. The new shopping social network allows Amazon Prime users to follow specific products and just because it’s Amazon, it’s also super easy to buy the things you like.

What is Amazon Spark?

Available in the U.S. on the Amazon App for iPhone, Spark allows you to discover—and shop—stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like. When you first visit Spark, select at least five interests you’d like to follow and we’ll create a feed of relevant content contributed by others. Shop your feed by tapping on product links or photos with the shopping bag icon, or interact with people by commenting or smiling on their posts. To create a post, scroll to the top of your feed and share a product or story.


All Amazon Spark users are encouraged to post their own stories, ideas and images of products they love, which others can react to with comments and “smiles” – Amazon’s own version of the Like or Favourite reaction.

amazon spark 2

To access Spark, tap the three parallel horizontal lines in the Amazon app, select Programs and Features, then tap Spark. If you’re a first time visitor, you’ll be able to pick your main interests or categories: anything from books, men fashion, computers, video games to weddings, home decor, pet care or outdoor! After picking your favourites, Spark will create a customised feed of products, imagery and ideas that will relate to the sort of things you like to shop for or learn more about.

For now, Spark is available in the U.S. on the Amazon App for iPhone. Android app is coming soon!

Have more questions about how to use Spark? Please visit the app’s FAQs.