Customer service 101: Speed, Efficiency, Knowledge!

What do customers want when asking for support? Here’s a multi-billion euro question marketers around the globe ask themselves every day! Although there are no definitive answers, one can find matching pieces of the puzzle in the multitude of studies and researches released monthly by market analysis entities. One such research paper by CMO Council tried to find out what customers expect when dealing directly with a brand or a company.

The study, undertaken with SAP Hybris, shows consumers have a short list of basic expectations from companies in terms of customer service. In short, a website, and email and a phone number, are the main touchpoints customers think every company should offer them. Social media is seen by more and more customers as a valid channel for customer service, with almost 30% of the replies pointing to a company’s social channels as a mandatory channel for a customer to interact with a brand.

Top channels customers interact with a brand!

what customers want 4


But offering these channels is not enough. A professional, knowledgeable person behind the line, as well a fast response rate were among the top picks for the things people demand when asking for support or dealing with a company representative.

Things customers expect when dealing with a brand

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Personalization plays a key role in dealing with people and more and more customers expect their brands to always be aware of their personal history with the brand (and always show their appreciation and believe that keeping a track of their purchases and history should is acceptable as long as it’s restricted to that brand’s products. In short, people love when brands acknowledge their loyalty and history but hate it when it looks like they are being stalked online!

Things customers fear or would love brands to have

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Failing to offer customers what they expect could have very damaging consequences for a brand with almost half of the people interviewed saying they will stop doing business altogether with a company if that company fails to properly support them or fail in delivering personalized and relevant engagement on all touch points.

What would an unhappy customer do…

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So, what do customers want in terms of customer service?

SPEED, EFFICIENCY and KNOWLEDGE. Brands that reward Loyalty and knowledgeable, professional staff able to offer a personalized and relevant support service.

Read the full study here!